The Magical Sardegna Malindi

Magical cannot describe how Sardegna is, a beautiful Island in Malindi. Serene and calming, a beautiful place to visit.

Sardegna can be accessed through the Malindi Marine Park with a boat.  You can take a full day glass bottom boat and enjoy Sardegna, lunch on the boat and snorkeling.  A group of my friends and I decided to go on a full day tour with a boat. We left Malindi Marine park at 11am to Sardegna, where we enjoyed the view of the island, had a chance to hold a starfish and capture the serene Island of Sardegna. We then went for lunch at a beach near Watamu, where our boat captain grilled prawns, lobster and Barracuda fish accompanied with rice and curry on the boat near the shore. After Lunch while they were cleaning the boat, we took a walk to the serene Safina beach bar and grill, the outside setting was beautiful and relaxing. Leaving you relaxed on the day beds while enjoying the sea breeze and the beautiful view of the sea.

After our relaxation moment, we hoped back on the boat and proceeded to the Marine Park for little snorkeling and viewing the different schools of fish through the glass bottom.  The Marine Park is home to more than 600 species of fish, 145 types of hard coral, 12 species of echinoids, 135 types of gastropods and 200 species of benthic cover algae.  The experience of seeing the fish in their habitat is amazing and mesmerizing, the different colours and sizes of the different fishes against the blue water. A beautiful sight that must be experienced.  After snorkeling, we went back to Marine beach which was around 4pm. The whole day trip will cost around kshs 1500 to 2500 depending on how many people on the trip. You can drive to the Marine park entrance; the fee is kshs 100 per car.

Watch a short video about the trip on Youtube: Trip to Malindi Marine Park-Sardegna

Pictures from the trip: 

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