My first Week in New Delhi

One of the things I remember growing up in Mombasa is watching Bollywood movies, and seeing how India is. The different cities shown and the progress, and we can here all the stories of India but nothing prepares you like visiting India yourself.  I have been in New Delhi for a week now and everything that I sort of knew about India was irrelevant. I learnt a lot and there are three things that I noticed during my first week.

Language Barrier

Most people don’t speak English, it becomes an issue trying to communicate to people. Even though I find that fascinating because they are proud of their language, they don’t have to conform to everyone.  They speak hindi mostly, in hospital, offices and even in the shopping malls, but it becomes difficult to converse with the locals and even to try to get the right information across. A lot of information gets lost in translation.  


From the little shopping I have done, things are way cheap in India. Prices are reasonable and quality is not bad. I had a chance to visit Nehru place, the biggest IT Hub market in India. People from all over India shop for electronics at reasonable prices. You will find all kinds of electronics, from Laptops to Cameras and CCTV.  I was able to get electronics and camera accessories at very reasonable prices. Also, Amazon has established itself in India; they have a full functional system. I was able to shop and also look into different products that were available.  They deliver to various locations, with payment on delivery option on some orders. I am looking forward to visiting other open market for cloths and other items I might need.

Driving Etiquette

The one week I have been going around I have noticed that drivers lack driving etiquettes. They do not follow traffic rules or regard pedestrians.  You have to be careful when you are walking; they just turn into streets in high speed. Sometimes they don’t honk for you to move, they can almost knock you down. This includes all drivers, including rickshaw, motorbikes and car drivers.  They drive without considering other people who they are driving or other drivers on the road.

This is just a week long review; I am looking forward to explore New Delhi.  I want to visit Lotus Temple, India Gate, Qutb Minar and maybe drive up to Taj Mahal.  Also go shop at the different open market and shop more.

sights from my first week in New Delhi 

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